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The Beauty of State and County Rights

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

The Beauty of State and County Rights

One of the beauties of state and county rights is that it allows more choices for the people on how they want to live their lives and be governed. Areas can be conservative where government oversight is limited, individual freedom is coveted, and personal responsibility is expected. And there can be progressive liberal areas supported by the Democratic Party, where there will be a village, because they believe it takes a village. And in the village, the government decides what is best for the people in the community as a whole, and the people look to government politicians to take care of their wants and needs. We can also have moderate areas, where moderates attempt to appease the liberal side and agree to water down their conservative ways in order to accommodate the left and find common ground. Then the liberal Democrats in those areas, after each compromise, will come back for more concessions until the moderates are beaten into total submission.

Whichever area you want to reside in, we Americans need to agree to stop allowing the political establishment elites in the Democratic Party and the GOP to use the federal government and the courts to push us into a one size fits all world. It is time to realize that we have different beliefs, values and desires. We want different things out of life and live in different ways. Of course, your way can't be allowed to physically hurt others and their property; but other than that, we should let our differences be.

We the people need to reject all those in politics, in media, in entertainment and in our education system that attempt to push us into a one-size-fits-all federal government-run society. We the people instead need to come together in the spirit of divided power with state and county rights so more choices will remain available to the people. Conservatives need to recognize and accept that there are people who want to live in the government run village. Liberals need to recognize and accept that even if they perfected their village to utopian standards, we conservatives would still want our freedom from it. As for moderates, learn to go a' la carte. Determine what you want and don't want with your fellow moderates, but let liberals be liberals and conservatives be conservatives. Think of all the time, money, and resources we can save instead of wasting it fighting each other. Liberals can now reserve their time, money and resources perfecting their village instead of spending it fighting conservatives. Conservatives can use their time, money, and resources as they choose instead of being forced to support things they don't want or believe in and fighting liberal Democrats.

The glue that has held us together as a nation since its founding is not, nor has it ever been, a powerful federal government; it is our constitution. And it is the efforts of the Democratic Party and the GOP establishment types to grow a powerful federal government in order to rule over the people and force us all into their one size fits all government rule under the name of common ground that is tearing us apart. Any politician or media puppet pushing for conformity on the pretense we are stronger together or we must find common ground needs to be soundly challenged! Conservatives must change the narrative from government conformity unites us to that of an over reaching government trying to control the people is restrictive and divisive. Our message should be freedom unites us and forced government unity is a false unity that only divides us. Thank you for reading my blog and God Bless America!

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