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An Open Letter to Democrats

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Dear Democrats,

The Democrat voters of today epitomize why big government and socialist-type policies do not work. You have hordes of rich liberal Democrats on your side that have millions, and even billions, of dollars doing all the things the politicians and average Democrat voters claim to despise. Oh some rich liberals give to charities and create foundations with their names on them, but so do rich conservatives that get chastised by the left for their wealth. The rich liberal Democrats also buddy up to politicians, buy favors, spend money on mansions, fancy cars, designer clothes, and first-class lifestyles instead of living with modest means so they can give the rest to the poor.

The middle-class union types that overwhelmingly vote Democrat do so to protect their own benefits, even though not everyone gets those same benefits. Is that fair and equal? Why do they not agree to take less if necessary to ensure all get the same benefits regardless of the work put in? Is that not what Democrat politicians say--that people should support those who don't want to work? And as for the poor, not all, but far too many, are looking for ways to get handouts and not even trying to support themselves.

All you progressive, liberal Democrats need to stop blaming others, come together and make your ideas work. But unless all you able-bodied Democrats agree to do equal amounts of work--because goods and services don't magically appear--consolidate all your money, and distribute it equally so everyone makes the same, then, and only then, does your socialist utopia have a chance to work.

So dear liberal Democrats, stop blaming others and make your ideas work with your fellow Democrats, and please let those of us that do not want to live in your big-government socialist world live in peace.

Sincerely yours,

Conservative America

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