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Freedom Unities Us; Forced Conformity Divides Us

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

The Democratic Party and GOP establishment love to say that we are stronger together, so we must compromise and find common ground on all the issues of the day. All this sounds good, but in reality the only people getting stronger are the politicians, their rich donors, and their friends in the media that sell this phony narrative to the general public. Well, thankfully, more Americans are waking up to the fact that the more we allow the power-hungry political establishments in either party to force us to compromise on our way of life in order to find common ground so we can supposedly be united as one with the world has only benefited the upper-class elites and their cronies. And yes, I said the world, because the establishment elites in our federal government and their rich donors not only want to control the people of this nation; they want to take their power around the world so they can align themselves with the elites of other nations in order to form a global establishment that rules over all the people on earth. Because it is not enough for the Democratic Party, GOP establishment and all their upper-class supporters to just suck up all the money and power away from the people in this country; their greed wants it all.

Conservatives believe that we are not stronger as a people or as a nation when we are forced to compromise away our principles, values and ways of life in order to have one-size-fits-all solutions to problems and issues. All conservatives need to strongly denounce the one size fits all common ground conformity theme pushed by these political establishments and call for more choices and freedom through state and country rights. It is time to stop allowing the politicians to pit us together and divide us. We need to stop fighting each other, come together, and rejoice in our differences. We need to stop trying to conquer each other and forcing our fellow citizens to live the way we want them to live. It is time to come together and realize that it is freedom that unties us and it is forced conformity by government politicians that divides us. It is time to let our differences shine with State and County rights and neither side should be forced to support things they do not believe in or forced to conform to the principles and values set by Washington politicians. I hope these last decades have taught us all that being forced together by politicians so we can fit into their common ground box never makes us stronger and certainly does not unite us. It only generates animosity between us.

Thank you for reading my blog post and God Bless America where freedom still rings.

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