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How to Set the Left Up to Defeat Themselves Without Taking the Rest of the Country Down with Them

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

You often hear people say, "go ahead and let the leftist Democrats win, then people will learn the hard way what many on the conservative side have been trying to warn people about." But, the problem with that strategy is that too many of their voters never learn and the rest of us have to suffer with leftist Democrat policies every time the Democrats take power. So I firmly believe that the only way to defeat the left and keep them down is to allow them to keep defeating themselves without taking the rest of the country down with them. And the first thing conservatives don't do, is to try and force our will onto the masses because we think we know best (even though we do) because that only leaves the disgruntled Democrat voters pinning for if only the Democrats could be in charge and constantly fighting against conservatives. Resulting in the mess we have now.

The golden ticket to freedom from the left is for conservatives to set the left up to defeat themselves by calling for state and county rights with more emphasis on county rights because there are far more Republican counties than Democrat counties. I do hear State Rights mentioned some, but conservatives need to open the floodgates in calling for State and county rights while denouncing the restrictive and divisive one size fits all common ground conformity themes pushed by the establishment that is tearing this country apart. Those that think one size fits all common ground conformity as defined by a bunch of political bureaucrats is the best way to go need to be reminded that never in the history of humankind that not once did everyone agree on everything. And even among God loving conservatives, we don't always agree on everything. But that is the beauty of freedom and the right to try different things for our problems and issues. The establishments in both political parties have sharply divided this country trying to force the people of this nation into a one size fits all government rule all for the sake of their own political power. And it is time to let freedom ring again in this country and give the people more choices with State and County Rights! Then conservative areas can thrive while allowing the left to defeat themselves.

Conservatives can easily turn the tide against the left by informing the masses that there are millions of Americans who have been offended by the progressive, liberal Democrats for decades and have irreconcilable differences with the Democrat Party, resent being forced into their polices, and forced to pay for things millions of don't want or believe in. Then remind the masses how liberals demand change if just one person is offended by something and that the Democrats have made it very clear since the election of President Trump that they have irreconcilable differences with Make America Great Again Republicans. But even before Trump, the left hated Bush/Cheney and before that they hated Reagan and before that they hated Nixon and on and on. So conservatives need to point out how foolish it is to continue to spend all this time and money fighting each other when we should instead embrace our differences and enjoy the freedom this country allows.

Conservatives need to constantly point out to the masses how we can peacefully coexist in this country if we would acknowledge that people are different, want different things out of life and want to handle our problems and issues differently. And it is time we come together and realize that it is freedom that unties us and it is big government politicians' efforts to force the people into a one size fits all government rule under the name of common ground that is tearing us apart and making us resentful of each other. With less forced government from the feds and more freedom through State and County rights, each side can have more of what they want and not fear or resent the other side forcing things on them.

Then conservatives need to challenge the Democrats to make their ideas work in their areas and stay in their areas so as not to spread the Democrats resources too thin trying to supply goods and services in every town in America. And while conservatives are pressing the Democrats to stay in their areas and make their ideas work, we must also keep informing the masses that conservative Republicans don't care if the enlightened, progressive Democrats want to pool their money together with their fellow Democrats and all their many, many, many millionaires and billionaires and implement their policies in their areas. But conservative do not want to be forced into those polices and have our tax dollars taken because history has shown that the leftist policies of the Democratic Party are not sustainable and always end up being a financial disaster with goods and services subpar at best. But conservatives wish the Democrats well.

On things like abortion, the conservative message should be NO person should have their tax dollars taken against their will to pay for abortions, infanticide or any organization that promotes that practice period. If Democrats want to promote killing babies, then they need to do it on their own dime. And when conservatives can start to compete with the left in the mainstream of America and reach the general population, it is going to be harder for the Democrats to hide their hypocrisy, cover up the successes in conservative areas and hide their failed and heartless policies from the general public.

Thank you for reading this blog post and I invite you to check out my latest book "The Missing Links to Making Conservative Principles and Judeo-Christian Values the Mainstream of America". It is a book on how conservatives can take the mainstream advantage away from the left and rescue our country and culture from the influences of the left. I hope you check it out. Sincerely, Ginny Bass Johnson

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