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Why America is Different

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Why is America different? Some say America was never any different from the rest of the world, and those people could not be more wrong. America is different. It is the first country since its founding that was not run by upper-class rulers that controlled the people. Instead it shifted the power away from a ruling class by limiting the power of government. It allowed the people to have the power and control over their own lives. And it was this very thing that gave birth to the American dream that allowed ordinary people the freedom to dream their dreams and the opportunities to achieve those dreams. It was not that Americans were better than people from other nations, we were just free to become better and improve our lot in life. And many of us did!

Today's independent-minded Americans, the same type of Americans that made this country great, have witnessed their personal freedoms and opportunities evaporate little by little with every piece of legislation passed by Democrats and the GOP establishment. Under their leadership our federal government had become no different than what our founding fathers fought against. A government run by a ruling class that controls the people, the money and the resources. A government designed to make the rich in the clique of power richer, the poor staying poor and an ever shrinking middle class going down instead of up. And for those who think the federal government run by Democrats is your crusader that is going to get even with the rich for you, think again. You people need to open your eyes and look at reality. The Democrat Party and their big money donors are the richest of the rich, and their power in government is one of the very reasons they got richer while the rest of us bounced around in second or third class existence. Oh, they talk a good game about fairness and equality, but that is all it is - talk!

Now for those that want to continue to keep your faith in the Democratic Party and are okay with the plans these rich big government bureaucrats have for you, then fine. Go for it, but don't force that lifestyle on those of us who want more out of life and the opportunity to pass on an even better life to our kids. If living off government benefits and programs the ruling class throw your way is how you want to live your life and that is the life you want to pass down to your kids, we think that is sad, but honor your right to make those choices. We conservatives just don't want that lifestyle forced on the rest of us that want to live beyond the safety nets of dependency and big government control. We want to limit the power of the feds and preserve our freedoms and the Constitution as written. Then we can be free from the shackles of an overbearing federal government and free to reach for the brass rings and achieve our American Dreams.

So how do both sides get what they want? It is with state and county rights. We have fifty states and each state is divided up into counties. We all don't have to agree and support the same things. Let's agree to disagree and stop allowing political bureaucrats to waste so much of our money, resources, time, and energy fighting each other in an attempt to mold us into a one size fits all world. Those that think one size fits all common ground conformity as defined by a bunch of political bureaucrats is the best way to go, need to be reminded that never in the history of human kind that not once did everyone agree on everything. And even among God loving conservatives, we don't always agree on everything. But that is the beauty of freedom and the right to try different things for our problems and issues. Common ground conformity when dealing with a large number of people might be necessary in a few cases, but it is not in most. And when it is applies to everything, it becomes restrictive and divisive. These power hungry Democrats along with the GOP establishment have sharply divided our country trying to force us all into their one size fits all government rule under the name of common ground for the sake of their own power. And it is time to let freedom ring again in this country and give people more choices on how they want to be governed with State and county rights. Thank you for reading my post and God Bless America!

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